Modern Alkeme

The Everyday Detox for Everyday Life

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You better believe it works

Modern Alkeme takes toxins by the horns.

We took a tried and true ancient Japanese recipe and remixed it for the modern day. It packs 13 of the earth’s most potent detoxifiers into one little black bottle. Each powerful clearing ingredient works hard to target and eliminate the backlog of bad stuff in your system so you can feel so spicy and new, all day, everyday.

Why you want it

So You Can Do You.

Life happens. The late night pizza slice. The impromptu happy hour. The 'low fat' caramel latte. Sometimes the things we love most aren’t the best for our body. Modern Alkeme uncomplicates cleansing. It’s a simple daily detox drink that helps to free your body of harmful toxins that build up just from doing everyday life.

Modern Alkeme's benefits

It's crazy how good you'll feel when you are free of toxins.

Simply put you'll feel spicy and new all day, everyday. Detoxing is said to give you more energy, more mojo, better sleep, healthier hair and nails, radiant skin and mental clarity.