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Meet our Co-Founders

Jules Wainstein.

Health guru, mother of two and one of Bravo's Real Housewives of New York, Jules' Japanese heritage was the inspiration behind Modern Alkeme's elevated approach to clearing the body of unwanted toxins. Her mother, her grandmother, her grandmother's mother - and Jules herself - grew up drinking this magic matcha concoction, and now with the help of her best friend & business partner, Chloe Flower, she's pumped to share its powers with the world.

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Meet our Co-Founders

Chloe Flower.

Japanese herself, Chloe Flower is no stranger to the powers of this ancient Japanese brew and partnered with Jules to devise the perfect modern day remix. Her accomplishments don't stop there. Chloe is an internationally renowned and recognized pianist who has collaborated with artists like Deepak Chopra and Jay-Z. She is passionate about using her music as education to bring much needed awareness to the human trafficking epidemic. She's served on a panel and performed at the United Nations on the Role of the Arts in Human Trafficking. She's spoken alongside the President of the General Assembly for the historic launch of the first-ever World Day Against the Trafficking in Persons, and in 2013 she was presented with the Creative Coalition Award for Outstanding Achievement in the fight against human trafficking. She is a true woman for women.

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About Modern Alkeme

Our Mission.

Modern Alkeme exists to make you feel spicy and new, every single day. Its powerful clearing ingredients help free you of unwanted toxins so you feel wicked good in your own skin and have the confidence, spunk and spice needed to take on the world and all it has to offer.


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